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The SafeGrom Story

Andeaux and Andeaux JrOur Journey begins with a Dad, Andeaux,  and his passion for sharing the stoke with his  young son and the The Wounded Warriors program.  While teachers, Vets and groms at Churchs' at Camp Pendleton, something occurred to him. He and other instructors were having a hard time pulling students onto the front of the surfboards. 

Whether the person was bareback, wearing a rashguard or even a life jacket, there is always the "Slippery Fish" issue.  To safely get someone out of the water, you had to grab and pull with enough force that could dislocate a shoulder or cause serious injury.  

Andeaux then asked the question:  If the life jacket is supposed to keep a kid's head above water, why isn't there a handle on the lifejacket to get them out of the water?   This was the birth of the SafeGrom StokeVest.  

Mama SafeGrom

Andeaux made some drawings and took them to a seamstress and after a few initial prototypes he was ready to try out the new idea with his son. 

With the prototype, Andeaux and his grom paddled out into some small, fun Summer waves. It wasn't long before a small set rolled through and they turned around to paddle into one. They drop in, Pop reaches forward, pulls up Grommy to his feet with the greatest of ease and both are flying down the green face!! The stoke was intense and immediate.  After a few sessions, folks began asking where they could get their own StokeVests for their children.  It was then that Andeaux knew that he was onto something and SafeGrom was birthed.